Happy 4th of July! May your day be safe and filled with with many blessings!
about 1 hour ago, Noreen Dillon
This weekend is the Moss Avenue Sale. St. Mark’s School is joining in on the fun and opening our doors to clear out some unneeded items we have. Check it out or let others know. Donations appreciated! Saturday 8:30am-12:00pm.
25 days ago, St. Mark's School
We appreciate our S.M.A.R.T. Kids and Mrs. Molly Faley, and her son, Troy, for doing their best to keep SMS and our local grounds nice and clean! Thank you for showing your school pride!
about 2 months ago, St. Mark's School
smart kids
Best wishes and prayers on this Mother's Day from all of us at St. Mark School.
about 2 months ago, Noreen Dillon
mother day
Congratulations to our students and parish members who receive their First Holy Communion today! You are all in our prayers.
about 2 months ago, Noreen Dillon
1st communion
We are so lucky to have the best lunch TEAM around! Thank you BUNCHES for making our LUNCHES!
about 2 months ago, Noreen Dillon
National Sterling Merit Awardees- Top 8% of their class! Way to go Marksmen!
2 months ago, Noreen Dillon
They are truly a blessing to our team! We are so happy to have you with us each and every day! Happy Administrative Professionals Day!
2 months ago, Noreen Dillon
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Come check out all of the amazing artists and performers we have here at SMS! This Saturday, April 30th from 5:30-7:00pm, our school will be open for all to see What a Wonderful World SMS can be!
2 months ago, Noreen Dillon
What a great spring day to celebrate our Feast Day! Happy Feast of St. Mark Day! O, Glorious St. Mark through the grace of God, our Father, you became a great Evangelist, preaching theGood News of Christ. May you help us to know Him well so that we may faithfully live our lives as followers of Christ. Amen.
2 months ago, Noreen Dillon
side school
front school
Let us have eyes that look upon Your grace and rejoice in our salvation. Help us to walk in that mighty grace And tell your good news to the world. All for your glory do we pray, Lord, Amen.
3 months ago, Noreen Dillon
Teach us to hope always in you And in the resurrection, the making of all things New. Through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.
3 months ago, Noreen Dillon
Holy Saturday
Lord God, We wait, on Friday, for the resurrection of Sunday And sometimes our lives seem a succession of Fridays And we cannot see what is “Good.” Teach us to call your name As Jesus did. Make us to trust in you like little children. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
3 months ago, Noreen Dillon
Good Friday
He was their teacher and their Lord, Yet he washed their feet. Lord God, help us learn from his example; Help us to do as he has done for us.
3 months ago, Noreen Dillon
Holy Thursday
You are my rock and my redeemer, my shelter in the storm. In you I place my trust, so that I may have hope. Let me walk in your light all my days, seeking only you. I give you my life to love and serve you, following you in all that I do.
3 months ago, Noreen Dillon
Holy Week
Come check our what our St. Mark's Early Childhood Program has to offer!
3 months ago, Noreen Dillon
prek open house
Spanish open house
It's not too early to start thinking about dinner for TOMORROW night! Come out to Double A's and support SMS at the same time!
3 months ago, Noreen Dillon
double a's
During Lent, we focus more intently on "almsgiving," which may be donating resources for the poor or doing other acts of charity. Together with the Daughters of St. Francis, our students raised funds to provide aid to their Sisters serving directly with families in Ukraine.
3 months ago, Noreen Dillon
student council
Today we join our world in prayer.
3 months ago, Noreen Dillon
Praying for Ukraine.
3 months ago, Noreen Dillon