Next Tuesday, September 28th, we will be doing a "dress down" day to benefit St. Jude, in honor of one of our own preschool students.

Students may wear gold/yellow for childhood cancer or orange for leukemia awareness, along with school appropriate jeans or khakis. 

We ask that students bring in a donation of any amount ON THIS DAY to participate.

Flyer Design: Aless Carmona

Dress Code – last day for shorts this year is Friday, October 29th 

Beginning on Monday, November 1st, and lasting through March, students must wear the uniform navy blue twill pants. Also, the only sweaters allowed are the navy blue cardigans, crew, V-neck, or navy blue vests. The only sweatshirts allowed in the classroom are navy blue sweatshirts or St. Mark sweatshirts. No leggings are to be worn as pants. Girls can wear leggings in place of tights with a uniform skirt or jumper.

Volunteer Requirements – coaches, room parents, scouts, club leaders etc.

SMS School can have parents volunteer this year as room parents, coaches, or activity leaders! The diocese has updated their volunteer requirements with a new recording system for the Safe Environment Program (now good for 5 years) AND a 21-22 Adult Volunteer or Adult Participant COVID Waiver for ALL volunteers. Anyone who completed this program after July 1, 2018 is already recorded in this new system and does not have to complete the program again just the attachment entitled, “21-22 Adult Volunteer or Adult Participant Waiver.”

If your Safe Environment, background check, and fingerprinting were all completed prior to July 1, 2018 then ALL volunteers MUST complete this new online program (directions for #1-4 below in attachment entitled, “VOLUNTEER-Safe Environment Training) and 21-22 Adult Volunteer or Adult Participant Waiver in order to volunteer at the school (to be a room parent, coach, club leader etc.). When creating an account to complete the programs, please put your role as school volunteer. The requirements are:

  1. Safe Environment - complete the online “Safe Environment Training” program (approx. 1 hr.),

  2. Safe Driving - if possibly driving students, complete the online “Safe Driving Training” program (approx. 20 min.)

  3. Authorization for DCFS check - CANTS - complete a Child Abuse and Neglect Tracking System (CANTS) check form – print, complete, sign (actual signature required), and return to school office to be sent to diocese for processing

  4. Background Check - complete a Criminal History Background Check – online

  5. 21-22 Adult Volunteer or Adult Participant Waiver – complete attachment

*Be sure to bring to SMS office BEFORE volunteering:

  1. printed certificate(s) of completion (Safe Environment and/or Safe Driving)

  2. printed, completed and SIGNED CANTS form and

  3. printed, completed and SIGNED 21-22 Adult Volunteer or Adult Participant Waiver form


COVID Vaccination/Testing for ALL Volunteers

ALL SMS volunteers MUST either provide a copy of their vaccination card or sign and return to Dr. Dillon, principal, the exemption form BEFORE volunteering. This includes and is not limited to the following individuals: teachers; staff; all volunteers including parents; coaches, lunch, recess, and hall monitors; aides, chaperones; before-and-after school care staff; club moderators; traffic aides; etc.

If the exemption form is turned in then WEEKLY testing is required for those not vaccinated. Proof given to the school principal any day that week but the deadline is before noon on Friday morning of each week.

St. Mark’s School App is LIVE!

Our St. Mark’s School app is LIVE! Watch the following video for more information: 

St. Mark's School App Video

We are excited to be able to communicate with our families and share what is happening at St. Mark’s through our new website and app. Please take the time to download the app AND allow the push notifications! 

Let’s keep our kiddos safe!

We appreciate your attention to the drop off and pick up procedures.  We want to ensure everyone’s safety at all times. Just a few reminders:

  • Please pull over to the curb for drop off; do not allow your child to exit the car from the middle of the street.

  • Avoid backing up; be patient as people move ahead.

  • If your child needs any assistance to get out of the car, pull into the parking lot to help your child out. Examples: children who are in car seats and need assistance, dropping off birthday treats, carrying in a school project, etc.

  • Use Underhill Ave, only to exit towards the alley; do NOT drive towards Bradley Ave.

Before Care

If your child arrives before 7:30am, then must go to BEFORE CARE.  Otherwise, they must remain in your car until 7:30 am when the doors open up. Students must not be left unsupervised at all. 

Early Dismissal Day- October

Please note that the Early Dismissal day on October 7th will be at 12:30pm.  Aftercare will be available. From now until the end of the year, Early Dismissal days on Thursday will be at 12:30pm, 

Parent Teacher Conference

On October 7th, we will hold our Parent Teacher Conferences from 2:00-7:00pm. A schedule for sign-up will be coming out soon!