We have had a fabulous first week of school! Some rest and relaxation may be needed this weekend to prepare for our first FULL week of school. We are still on a heat schedule and we will dismiss at 1:30PM next week as well. 

All students need to bring a reusable water bottle to school with them daily! 

Drop off and Pick Up

Students can be dropped off anytime after 7:30 AM. Please do not leave your child standing outside if it is before 7:30AM, even if a staff member is present. If this occurs, they will be sent inside and charged for before care. 

Just a few quick reminders about drop off. 

  1. Please do NOT reverse in the drop off line. Wait for the car in front of you to move. 

  2. Parents should not exit their cars. 

  3. Students need to exit the vehicle on the passenger side ONLY. 

  4. If your child needs help, please park in the lot and walk them up. 

Please avoid driving NORTHBOUND (towards Bradley Ave) on Underhill at ALL times. Only go towards the alley. This will eliminate traffic flow and safety issues.


We would like to welcome Angela Vargas to our staff at St. Mark! She will be helping us Monday-Friday during lunch and aftercare! We are still looking for additional help during lunch, recess, and aftercare. If you may know of someone interested, please send them our way!  

Lunch News

Are you interested in the breakfast/lunch menu? Visit our website at to find out more. A picture is attached for reference. Most of the information you need can be found under “Students & Parents” at the top right corner. The red arrow is pointing at our dining menu which includes both breakfast and lunch.



We had to make a few minor changes to our 2021-2022 calendar. Please take note of these changes in pink. You can also find the calendar under ‘Events’ on the website as well as under ‘Documents.’

Athletics updates

We would like to welcome OJ Skinner as our new Athletic Director. Any athletic questions can be directed to him at

PPSA Soccer is a parish-organized sport.  If you have any questions about soccer, you may contact Jenny Campbell at